OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo sparks 70% surge in social media discussions on X

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OpenAI has unveiled an upgraded large language model for ChatGPT—”GPT-4 Turbo”—at its first-ever developer conference “DevDay” held in San Francisco on 6 November 2023. This has triggered an impressive 70% increase in discussions over the preceding week around the AI research and deployment company on social media platform “X”, reveals the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Smitarani Tripathy, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Influencers were excited about OpenAI’s initiative to expand the API, reduce prices, and introduce features like multimodal capabilities and model profile builders mirrors an App Store model, promoting greater accessibility for developers. This approach not only enhances AI accessibility but also fosters continuous innovation. Influencers express enthusiasm for GPT-4 Turbo’s exceptional speed and its effectiveness in text enhancement prompts, which they consider a noteworthy source of excitement.”

Below are a few popular influencer opinions captured by GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Platform:

  1. Mckay Wrigley, Founder of Takeoff AI:

“I’m blown away by OpenAI DevDay…I can’t put into words how much the world just changed. This is a 1000x improvement. We’re living in the infancy of an AI revolution that will bring us a golden age beyond our wildest dreams.

It’s time to build.”

  1. Richard Johnson, Owner of Fuzzing IO:

“OpenAI is widening the moat by expanding the API, lowering prices, multimodal, model profile builder, and retrieval and automation integrations like Zapier. They are capturing devs like an App Store model w/ continual revenue via API use like in-app purchases. Big moves.”

  1. Pietro Schirano, Founder of EvertArt:

“GPT-4 Turbo is here and oh my, it’s fast Here I am using my text improvement prompt on some parts of the OpenAI announcement. Incredible.”

  1. John Rush, Founder of MarsX Inc:

“OpenAI DevDay blew my mind…It’s hard to express how much things have just shifted. We’re on our way to 100x the progress.We’re just starting an AI revolution that could take us to an incredible future that belongs to makers.”

  1. Steven Tey, Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel:

“The AI assistant travel app in @OpenAI ‘s DevDay keynote today has got to be one of the most impressive live demos I’ve ever seen. Brilliant presentation by @romainhuet + stellar design & engineering work by @simonpfish & @karoliskosas behind the scenes ”

  1. Borriss, Developer and Writer at Practical AI:

“I do think that the OpenAI DevDay is a kind of historic moment. A lot of puzzle pieces/building blocks got put together. However, it’s easy to have a negative view of the situation: “aLL ApPs ArE DeAD”, every kid can do everything in 5 minutes now, and so on. But you can also adopt a positive view: There are now infinite possibilities to create value in an AI-powered world. I prefer the positive one and I’m very excited about the next years. A new paradigm is just getting started.”

  1. Yusuf Mehdi, Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft:

“Congrats to @OpenAI on their first DevDay. Lots of amazing new capabilities! We’re excited to support these with @Microsoft Copilot and Microsoft Azure AI. More to come at our Ignite conference on Nov 15-16.”