AIMFG Insights Implementation Benefits Guide

AI is a transformative force in manufacturing, revolutionizing processes and operations, and adding value across the spectrum of business.  This guide explores AI’s advantages for manufacturers, providing actionable steps for implementation; both alone and with vendors.

[NOTE: AIMFG’s Glossary of Terms contains definitions of terms used in this report.]

Manufacturers that implement AI projects in their processes and operations can unlock business value. With the efficiency, quality, innovation, and sustainability they enable becoming sources of competitive advantage for AI adopters.

By taking steps on their own and working with vendors, manufacturers can drive transformational change. Sustained success of AI projects in manufacturing processes and operations hinges on strategic implementation and disciplined execution.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Areas: MES, Maintenance, Supply Chain

Benefit:  Lowers energy consumption in production, transport, storage; reduces material waste

Alone: Implement predictive analytics to optimize production schedules, minimize downtime, and streamline inventory management; Cleanse and consolidate data to lower latency in AI modelling.

With Vendors: Cloud-driven platforms for ERP and Supply Chain; Edge AI

Enhancing Product Quality

Areas: Quality Control, Defect Detection, Process Optimization

Benfits: Decrease in defects and rework; Lower costs; Improved customer satisfaction.

Alone: Deploy AI in vision systems for outlier detection and fault-mitigation.

Third-Party Solutions: AI-driven Quality Management software and systems

Optimizing Resources

Areas: Energy, ERP, Forecasting, Labor, Materials, Productivity

Benefits: manufacturers leveraging AI for operational efficiency have report lowering production costs by 20% and increasing efficiency in their in supply chains by a third.

Alone: Data Analytics to identify energy savings, material waste reduction, and labor optimization.

With Vendors: AI-powered ERP; Sustainability software and systems.

Accelerating Product Development

Areas: Design, Prototyping, Testing

Benefit: Lifecycle improvement; Reduced time-to-market

Alone: AI tools for design and testing; Synthetic Data; 3D printing

With Vendors: Product lifecycle management software; Data Libraries for testing.