Antaira Challenges Manufacturers to Onboard AI

California-based Antaira Technologies is calling on manufacturers worldwide to begin implementing AI across their operations in order to steal a march on their competitors. This includes Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learinng (DL) neural networks that cull actionable insights from the volumes of data generated by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

In a piece for, a publishing arm of the International Society of Automation, the company says manufacturers must begin applying AI in pilot programs to acquire knowledge, hone skills and leverage the organizational momentum needed to generate buy-in from enterprise stakeholders, including employees, suppliers and customers. Or, risk falling behind as AI adoption becomes the operational norm across the spectrum of industry.

Written by field application engineer Henry Martel, the vendor’s call to action cites use-cases in which manufacturers can implement AI production methods to increase efficiency and achieve swift return on investment. By harnessing their IIoT data, Antaira says manufacturers can streamline processes and supply chains, and more fully automate their operations, including product design.

The company, a developer of Ethernet switches and wireless devices for use in industrial settings, also points the way with a roadmap for manufacturers seeking to pilot AI and subset technologies like ML and DL in their operations. Among its recommendations are examining data flows and technological infrastructure to determine areas where AI can optimize processes and streamline operations.

Similar surveys of talent and culture will help manufacturers to assess internal capabilities and enable them to pinpoint areas where pilot AI implementations will generate immediate benefit.