McKinsey Cites AI Drivers for Automotive R&D

Source: Pixabay

According to management consultants McKinsey & Company, automotive manufacturers should adopt a value-focused approach in implementing Generative AI as they contend with drivers of change in the sector. Doing so in R&D will enhance innovation capabilities and reduce costs for systems and support.

A February article by Berlin-based associate Peter Cholewinski cites the transition to electric vehicles and software-defined vehicles, along with the emergence of Gen AI technology, as the forces reshaping automotive R&D.  Recommendations stem discussions with 30 R&D executives at European automakers, three-quarters of which are looking to implement Gen AI in their design processes.

Among the findings to emerge from the research are limitations of process-step implementations of Gen AI in R&D. The article outlines the holistic approach to Gen AI integratiom that builds organizational capacity and capability necessary to maximize RoI from Gen AI integration projects.

Among the benefits of systematic implementation of Gen AI in R&D are improvements testing and homologation of those applications. Read more here.