AutoGPT gains popularity as Twitter influencers predict revolution in AI

AutoGPT, an open-source experimental AI agent, is rapidly gaining popularity since the beginning of April 2023. It can autonomously perform various tasks, such as internet search, planning, coding, and debugging, making some jobs obsolete. Against this backdrop, AutoGPT has emerged as the top trend on Twitter since the second week of April 2023, reveals the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Smitarani Tripathy, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Twitter influencers expect ‘AutoGPT’ to revolutionize the AI as it uses GPT technology to perform tasks and has the potential to significantly transform various areas of work. However, concerns about its limitations and lack of data exist.”


Below are a few popular influencer opinions captured by GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Platform:

  1. Chris Del Grande, Co-Founder of Valued Merchant Services:

“The future of AI is looking bright with #AutoGPT! 🌟As we embrace the power of artificial intelligence, expect to see groundbreaking advancements in personalization, efficiency, and creativity. Together, we’re shaping a world where tech seamlessly integrates into our lives, enhancing human potential!”

  1. Bob Gourley, Co-Founder and CTO at OODA:

“In my view biggest help in terms of low cost AI for open source, available this moment, will be an #AutoGPT solution built with ability to search and retrieve anything o the net. I think I want to work on that next. For paid tools Recorded Future is doing awesome AI work.”

  1. Dan Murray-Serter, Co-Founder of Heights:

“The future of AutoGPT is bright, It’s exciting to think about how this revolutionary tool will transform the way businesses operate.”

  1. Ethan Mollick, Professor at The Wharton School:

“Autonomous AI agents are already here. I used one experimental model, AutoGPT, and let it analyze the market for simulations, setting its own goals. Right now, the AI is prone to distraction & confusion, but you can see how it might soon work (the system is only a week old).”

  1. Theo Priestley, Technology Futurist::

“AutoGPT, an open sourced artificial intelligence agent that performs multiple tasks to achieve a goal, is proof that it’s not going to take long to disrupt even more complex work.The level of automation in terms of questions and decision making to achieve its goal, rather than having a human intervene and continue to ask questions as we do currently with ChatGPT, is nuts….”