2024 Manufacturing Trends — Unpacking AI, Workforce, and Cybersecurity

The world of manufacturing is changing, and Generative AI is one of the many change agents. The 2024 State of Smart Manufacturing Report takes a deep dive into how Generative AI is powering the workforce to new levels. The data this year shows that the economy and inflation remain a top concern, but organizations are spending more year-over-year on technology to gain a competitive edge. This year’s report contains these and other key insights taken from the 17-country, 1600 respondent survey conducted by an unbiased 3rd part research firm. The findings reveal how manufacturers are approaching technology and their workforce in 2024 – and beyond – to build the resilient future of tomorrow.

Part One: 2024 Manufacturing Trends — Unpacking AI, Workforce, and Cybersecurity

Join us to learn how global manufacturers are harnessing emergent technology to maximize workforce potential, reduce risk, increase quality, and deliver sustainable growth. We will discuss:

  • The rapid growth of GenAI – 83% of respondents expect to be using it in their operations in 2024
  • Empowering the workforce: 94% of respondents expect to maintain or grow their workforce as a result of technology adoption
  • Risk and resiliency: Cybersecurity is a top 5 risk for the first time, showing its significance to the manufacturing community

Join us to learn more about these exciting topics and other key takeaways from the 2024 State of Smart Manufacturing Report!

Andy Stump – Director, Business Development for Strategic Initiatives, Rockwell Automation

Date & Time:
April 9, 2024 – 10:00:00 AM CT


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