CLS iMation revolutionizes robotics for site logistics processes

Developing a range targeted at constant innovation of logistics processes in an Industry 4.0 framework, CLS iMation has further strengthened its portfolio of services with solutions from Magazino, a German company specialised in the development of smart robots that offer safe and autonomous operational support.

Flagship solutions include SOTO, the autonomous supply-chain robot equipped with sensors, 3D cameras and the cutting-edge ACROS.AI operating system. This analyses its surroundings, quickly responding to the needs of the production environment and learning in the field to identify the most efficient procedures for completing tasks.

SOTO integrates perfectly into a 4.0 context thanks to its quick and flexible configuration, which enables it to support personnel and other solutions within the existing architecture in daily operations with complete safety.

This solution can pick up, transfer and place multiple totes at the same time within the production chain. SOTO is entirely autonomous and uses natural navigation, enabling it to move without dedicated underlying infrastructure and to void obstacles for completion of picking/placing in the various production stations.

The rotating gripper means SOTO can turn items 90° or 180° inside the robot. This means that full containers can be placed on a shelf (e.g. on the long side) while empty ones can be picked up on the short side.

The solution offers optimal handling of small load carriers in various sizes weighing up to 20 kg. It can simultaneously manage multiple movements, thanks to a smart gripper system that is able to move containers with different positions and heights.

Key benefits of Magazino for efficient handling of boxes and small containers

  • Safety first: Laser scanners enable SOTO to navigate freely at up to 2 m/s, guaranteeing completely safe operation alongside people and other vehicles. Once an obstacle is detected nearby, SOTO reduces its speed until it stops or identifies an alternative route.
  • Quick return on investment: SOTO simplifies inventory-management procedures and optimises restocking of goods, operating for 20 hours per day, and guaranteeing efficient processes that cost significantly less and a constant supply of materials to the assembly line.
  • Efficiency guaranteed: this solution can handle up to 24 containers simultaneously by utilising available space as efficiently as possible.
  • Fluidity of movement and manoeuvrability in any setting: even inside particularly tight warehouses, SOTO guarantees fluidity of movement and agile manoeuvring in any direction.

“CLS iMation has always been committed to careful analysis of market demands, anticipating needs and evaluating new frontiers for process optimisation. Our Automation Specialists provide customers with a consulting service that satisfies any need to guarantee a complete ecosystem for the digitalisation of intralogistics flows. This partnership with Magazino has arisen with the specific intent to further expand the range of CLS iMation solutions for all industrial requirements. Our consulting and the specific features of SOTO make smart factories a tangible goal for any facility, and the integration potential we can offer opens up previously unexplored possibilities for the optimisation of logistics flows” commented Rino Melone, Marketing & Product Manager at CLS iMation.

“Working with CLS Imation extends Magazino’s market reach into such important territories like Italy, France and the Be Ne Lux countries, which are all European industrial powerhouses” adds Andreas Marx, Senior Partner Manager at Magazino, “We believe that with CLS Imation’s unmatched technical capabilities and Magazino’s unique robot know– how there will be a lot of market opportunities. Companies in the mentioned countries can rely on a solid and technical top-notch partnership”.

CLS iMation ( is the CLS business unit dedicated to Intelligent Solutions for Logistics Automation. With a pool of specialised engineers and consultants, CLS iMation is the unit dedicated to innovative solutions for the automation and digitalisation of logistic and factory-plant processes. Through ongoing investments in the development and design of new cutting-edge solutions and services, CLS iMation responds to the specific needs of Industry 4.0 for tackling challenges in both traditional and emerging logistics scenarios, with a dynamic and forward-looking vision. Part of CLS S.p.A., a company of the Italian group with an international dimension, Tesya, which boasts nearly 70 years of experience in providing solutions for any logistics sector, the company is based in Carugate (near Milan) and has over 360 employees, 11 branches, 13 operating centres, 180 mobile offices and over 5000 rental means, relying on a consolidated partnership with a series of innovative partners in Europe.