AI Data Centers Set to Surpass Belgium in Electricity Demand, Exceeding 90 TWh by 2026

According to an analysis by, their consumption threatens to surpass Belgium’s in the next two years, with predictions well over 90TWh by 2026. This starkly contrasts to 2022 when their power usage was nearly nil.

Stocklytic’s financial analyst, Edith Reads, comments:

Electricity has become an indispensable resource for nearly every industry. With AI data centres heightening demand for power supply, it may lead to a more augmented strain on electricity grids around the world. Amazon’s chief, already hinted at a derail in their AI project, due to ‘ not enough energy’ signaling the AI industries could consume more energy than expected in the coming years.Stocklytics financial analyst, Edith Reads

Power Consumption for AI Data Centers

AI data centres are the latest additions to the power supply brawl, implying a subtle takeover from traditional technologies. As of 2022, traditional data centres consumed a significant 346 Twh, while AI data centres consumed nowhere near that, with power consumption almost nominal.

However, AI data centres will be well ahead of many other industries’ power consumption, with an incredible upward surge predicted by 2026. By then, the combined electricity demand from traditional data centres, AI infrastructure, and cryptocurrencies is braced to hit the 1000 TWh mark, underscoring the immense escalation from AI and cryptocurrency centres.

This surge will elevate data centers’ energy requirements from the equivalent of France’s consumption to that of Japan, the world’s fifth-largest power consumer, underlining the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions.

What Does the Heightened Reliance on Electricity for AI Data Centres Mean for the Global Arena?

The power-hungry AI data centres have only fastened the urge to rely on more dependable energy sources, like renewables, instead of coal. Electricity production via coal is still one of the significant contributors to pollution and the resulting global warming. Since the demand for it as a resource is not quelling, world leaders must keep up with the demand cycle to develop energy-producing sustainable solutions to support the AI centres and the wholesome global arena.

AI data centres are mushrooming with a resilient fire to keep developing and holding onto ingenuity, which will essentially create an impressive and stable economic space. However, its new dependence on the power supply will be vital in defining its paved future and trajectory.